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Litsa’s Texas Tacos

These Texas Tacos are a Tex-Mex twist on your classic taco. It’s filled with 3GC, avocado, red onions, diced tomatoes, and corn all in a nacho cheese shell. Grab yourself a Topo Chico and enjoy!


Texas liquids! – 6 Pack of Karbach Beer or Top Chico
1 ½ pounds 3GC ground beef
1 package taco seasoning mix (I prefer Siete Spicy Taco Seasoning)
12 taco shells

For Serving:

1 cup corn
Jalapenos (suggest Trader Joes Hot & Sweet Jalapenos)
1 cup Pico de gallo
½ cup of red onion
2 limes
½ cup of red onion, diced
Avocado, diced
1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese
2 cups of thinly sliced iceberg lettuce (Romaine hearts are also great.)
½ cup of sour cream or plain Greek yogurt
Salsa of your choice
Hot Sauce


  1. Heat a large skillet or sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add 1 teaspoon of oil. When hot, add the 3GC ground beef to the pan. Cook for about 5-6 minutes, stirring and breaking up the meat into very small pieces with a wooden spoon, until it becomes brown.
  2. Add in the Taco Seasoning! Cook for 1 minute to toast the spices or until the 3GC is seasoned.
  3. Spoon the 3GC beef into taco shells and garnish with all the toppings listed above. Remember the more toppings the better because everything is bigger in Texas!
  4. Lastly make sure to display a hot sauce line up for those who can take the heat like me and if you can’t the heat… get out of the kitchen! My favorites are Cholula and Wild Bills.
  5. Serve warm with a side of cold Texas beer or Topo Chico!