From Farm to Fork, Beef You Can Trust

Belted Galloway meat is praised for its high quality, excellent marbling, low saturated fat content and, of course, its taste. Not available in retail stores, 3GC beef is juicy and full of flavor, with grassy, savory, and natural notes – a difference you can truly taste.

For more information, please visit The Cattle Site to learn about the many benefits and statistics of Belted Galloway beef!

Reasons to Go Grass Fed

Organic beef

Omega-3s are typically thought to come from salmon, however, grass-fed beef is also an excellent source that provides two to six times more Omega-3s as well as a superior anti-inflammatory ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fats compared to grain-fed beef. Grass-fed beef also has two to three times more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a type of naturally occurring fatty acid that may protect against heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Grass-fed beef has healthy fats

“You are what you eat” applies to cows too! Lean meat, such as grass-fed beef, contains less fat than grain-fed beef. Gram for gram, grass-fed beef contains fewer calories, than grain-fed beef – all of which are linked to health benefits.

More vitamins

Fresh grass is more concentrated in vitamins than grain or hay; therefore, cows eating fresh grass are better nourished. The lean meat from Belted Galloway cattle is known to have seven times more beta-carotene and twice the Vitamin E than grain-fed!

Grain finished to perfection

Cows at 3GC are fed a vegetarian diet of grass and are grain-finished on their days leading up to processing. Until then, they spend their entire lives eating grasses and forage in pastures. By finishing cows with a grain diet, cattle get that “A+ steakhouse taste” and rich flavor that consumers love.

Grass-fed beef is easier to digest

Antibiotic residues in conventional beef can upset a person’s healthy bacteria levels. For people with food sensitivities to corn or soy, eating grain-fed beef can cause flare-up symptoms like bloating, heartburn and other digestive troubles.

Know where your food comes from

Three Gates Cattle Company’s Certified South Carolina (CSA) certification requires producers to meet a stringent set of standards and pass an on-farm inspection to become approved. 3GC raises cattle humanely and ethically, while providing better nutritional value, flavor, tenderness and marbling which provides customers a wonderful farm-to-table experience!

Butchered ethnically and locally

3GC’s local and strict harvesting practices are managed wisely. The result is responsibly-raised and slaughtered cattle and top-of-the-line beef you can feel safe feeding your family.

100% Lowcountry local farm-to-table experience

The Darby family has been raising cattle here in the beautiful coastal area of South Carolina for decades. Three Gates Cattle Company beef products are some of the finest available. Those who have never tasted pasture-raised farm-to-fork Belted Galloway beef are in for a treat! Because Belties are raised naturally on a pasture, the meat has a hearty, robust and exceptionally juicy flavor. Rest assured, all 3GC products are packaged and handled with safety as a priority!

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